Huge Praises to share

15 Aug

We had the most wonderful appointment ever today. We received news that Trevor's MRI was stable. Everything looks the same. This is great news since he's been off all chemo since June. He is giving him another 4 months off meds before running another MRI to check things. It's really like a get out of jail card for him. There is such freedom in not having to be on medication schedules. Woohoo!!!! I haven't slept well this week because of concern and anxiety.........and now tonight because of excitement. Been trying to fall asleep after a busy day and just can't seem to. I'm hoping it's because I felt the need to get the word out and share with all of our wonderful supporters. I know you won't see this til sometime over the next few days, but I needed to write it down. Now to try again to get some sleep. Thank you again and again for all the prayers. We always feel so loved by all of you.