First Team Trevor Event

26 Jan

I can't believe that this month has flown by so fast again. Next week is another trip to Cincinnati. We will have an echo cardiogram to look at the heart - which they have been monitoring from the beginning for side effects of the medicine. Each one so far has been good - and actually some of the follow up ones have been better than the baseline test. LOL - only Trevor right!!! So after that test on Wednesday, we will have his regular check up on Thursday - get new meds and be on our way. I have told him that we will catch a hockey game one of these times and next week on Wed evening looks like it may be our last chance this season - so wish me luck - I don't know anything about hockey and only a little familiar with that area where the arena is. We've been pretty resourceful and have done well so far. Any of our Cincinnati family interested in taking in a game next Wednesday night - let me know. I know it is a school night so no worries if not able to. So our big news and why we will be rushing back on Thursday is that Team Trevor will have our first official event that week on Friday. I will fill you in on all of the details later this evening - as I have to run for now to fulfill my chauffeur duties and thought I had more time to update. LOL