All About Team Trevor

Trevor Weigand

Trevor Weigand

Trevor is now 12 years old. He first became ill at the age of 4 and had his first surgery in 2007. He was diagnosed with a rare form of brain and spine cancer and to date has had 3 tumors/masses removed. He has been on some type of chemotherapy most of the time since his diagnosis. It is pretty accurate to say that he doesn’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t sick and having to spend time at appointments, in hospitals, having surgeries and taking medicine. It truly is what he knows as “normal”.

We were told early on that his disease was unique and didn’t “fit into the box” with regard to diagnosis. This is so fitting for Trevor as we’ve discovered over the years that he too is unique. We’ve learned to expect the unexpected with Trevor – When they thought he shouldn’t be able to walk, he runs. When he should feel sick, he isn’t. When his hair is supposed to fall out, it just grows more. When it’s expected that he will need radiation, he gets better with chemo.

All of these life experiences have helped to shape who he is today. We had many indications early on that there was something very different and special about Trevor in the way he interacted with people. He has a way of making you feel special and his matter-of-fact personality will make you smile.

"Cautiously optimistic and pleasantly surprised are phrases we’ve heard from his medical team over and over again."

Trevor is confident in who he is and he believes that God has a plan for his life. He approaches life with a carefree, live-in-the-moment attitude. He whistles all the time, and when I asked him once why he was whistling, he replied, “I don’t know, I guess I am just happy!”

Trevor has a big heart and an imagination to match it. In his eyes, ANYTHING is possible, and he lives each day with that in mind. He has faith and trust in God, which is where he draws his strength and courage.

Trevor is full of energy. Some of his favorite things include Legos, video games, camping and sports. He especially likes basketball and Tae Kwon Do, where after 3 years of hard work and persistence, he is almost a black belt. He also has always had a love for “America” and has his room decorated in American Flags. Trevor is always ready for a new adventure and after having experienced so much love and support over the past 7 years, is ready to help support other kids who are battling cancer. He is hopeful that Team Trevor will help raise money to support new treatments and research for cancer and help give kids opportunities to try new experiences and make them feel happy.

Team Trevor

Team Trevor is the brain-child of 12 year old cancer patient Trevor Weigand. Once you meet Trevor, you can’t help but be inspired. I have had the privilege of knowing the Weigand’s and especially Trevor for some time and I am continually inspired by their unyielding faith in God, each other, and their doctors at Akron Children’s Hospital. When Trevor was asked what we could do to help him he replied, “I want to start a foundation so that other kids will be able to do the things I've been able to do while fighting their illness” so we started “Team Trevor”.

Team Trevor is a small (but growing) group of dedicated people that want to see an end to cancer as a whole but especially childhood cancer. We are working to raise money and awareness to help people dealing with this horrible disease. With Trevor at the helm, we are his foot-soldiers in this battle. Trevor has some great ideas because he has dealt with this disease for most of his life, who better to advise us on how to help others.

Team Trevor is also a 14u softball team. This team is made up of a group of fabulous young ladies who are not only great softball players but are also all-around good people. They have all stepped up (Their parents too) and supported this cause with us and together we are determined to make a difference.

Team Trevor is deeply moved by the outpouring of support from people everywhere. It seems that you do not need to look very far today to find some one that has been affected by this horrible disease. With your help, WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!


An organization dedicated to financially support advances in cancer treatment for children and provide spiritual and physical support for both patient and family. We will accomplish this through prayer, fundraising, events and community involvement.